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SUMMARY of site/program Terms & Conditions:

IT is STRONGLY recommended that you complete this course in 1-2 days (tops).  We frequently have major problems because the (Moodle) software gets updated frequently, sometimes leaving the user in limbo.

It is highly recommended that you read the "Full policy" below before agreeing.

No refunds.


Mandatory Arbitration.

90-DAY MAXimum per course, no exceptions to this policy.

Etc.  "Summary" alone does not portray full policy.

Full policy

Please see the full policy for these details.

User/student = you/person enrolling into our course.

School = us (Texas 1 ALP, LLC).

There are absolutely no refunds for any reason, whatsoever.  There is also a maximum of 90-days to complete this course requirement.  If you have not completed your course and received a certificate within that time period, you will have to re-enroll.  Site operators spent a great deal of time in preparing and programming these courses.  Due to the confidential and/or proprietary nature of this educational material, user/student agrees to non-disclosure of ANY of this material for a period of ten years, beginning on the date that they sign up for the course (Initial Contact).  If User/student's course payment has not cleared the bank, User/student agrees not to obtain or otherwise utilize any resulting certificates until the payment HAS actually and fully cleared.  Otherwise User/student is liable for the full, undiscounted tuition plus a $150 administrative fee and MAY be subject to all legal consequences of bad check laws (civil and criminal).  For purposes of this agreement, an unsuccessfully submitted (not fully cleared/not fully deposited) eCheck (electronic check, such as thru, etc.) will have all of the same legal consequences as if it were a normal paper check endorsed by you and drafted against your financial institution's checking account.  The user/student further agrees not to dispute this agreement with law enforcement, arbitrator, or judge.  User/student agrees not to stop payment on any check or eCheck.

Should the non-disclosure policy be violated, the violator is subject to civil action for massive damages (minimum of $10,000) in the jurisdiction of Denton County, Texas, USA.

Should the user/student have any dispute, they agree to arbitrate with the School ( via or SMU Mediation in Plano, TX, or litigate via justice court, at the School's discretion and pay all affiliated expenses.  User/student to pay all of their own and the School's ( expenses, fees, and costs if the user/student is unsuccessful in any dispute.  

User/student agrees to hold the owner of the school and data on and it's subdomains and directories harmless.

User/student agrees that the absolute maximum liability of the school (for any reason) and its teachers, administrators, owners, etc. is $100 or the price paid for the class in dispute, whichever is less.

This site and the information it provides, including names, text, images, pictures, videos, logos, software, code, content and design, are copyright protected, and are provided “as is”, without any representation or endorsement and without any warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. In no event will, its owners, agents or assigns, be liable for any damages to any party, including, without limitation, indirect or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever arising from the use or in connection with such use or loss of use of the site, whether in contract or in negligence.

The fact that issues you a Certificate of Proficiency is in mutual consideration of your having paid all tuitions and fees due for the course of instruction we offer, and that your failure to pay such fees before or subsequent to the issuance of such Certificate, including the subsequent invalidation of any prior payment by you by PayPal or any other banking authority that accepts payment on behalf of, negates and invalidates such Certificate until such fees and tuitions are paid in full. Subsequent re-issuance of such Certificate of Proficiency by upon payment of such fees and tuitions is at the sole discretion of, and student waives any and all recourse against, its owners, principals, managers and agents for withholding such certificate even after payment of such fees and tuitions. cannot and does not warrant that the software functions that have been written to present this course online, or that may be contained in the material included in this course, will be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected, or that this site or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or bugs that may damage your computer, nor do we represent the full functionality, accuracy and reliability of the materials. We only promise that every attempt has been made to provide you with a website that is as free from defect as possible and will work as well as we can make it, given the limitations under which we are required to operate.

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