The Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "T&C").

Contacting us, visiting our website, and/or hiring us to perform services for you constitutes your agreement to this list of T&C.;
If any section of this agreement is not enforced, for whatever reason, the remainder shall remain in full effect.

Mistakes by the Client are not the responsibility of Creative Process Service, (hereinafter referred to as "CPS") and will result in a duplicate service charge.

You agree that you are not hiring us to harass or serve anything illegal, fraudulent, fake or otherwise contrary to law.

You agree not to modify our affidavits in any way.
In the highly unlikely event that a modification is necessary, you agree to contact us promptly so that we may make the change(s) for you.

Our records are only kept for 30 days. If a court has not received an affidavit of service within two weeks of it being served,
it is the Client's responsibility to notify us immediately.

Please note: over-payments may be credited if you notate the comment section with the request prior to the serve.
Payments and/or under-payments for all services are due immediately. If not paid in full immediately, your past-due balance will be invoiced via
and/or via written invoice sent via mail, eMail and/or fax, generally sent the beginning of the month following the date of service or attempted service.
You agree that any of these methods of bill/invoice presentation are as good, accurate and fair as any other and you furthermore agree not to claim
"lack of receipt of invoice" or any other such similar defense for our use of one method of billing/invoicing over another.

If you have legal questions, contact a good attorney.
Nothing that any of our employees, agents or other representatives say or write should ever be construed as legal advice at any time whatsoever.

You also agree to indemnify us of any damages that we may suffer, cause and/or endure while attempting to serve process at your request
(i.e. if we are shot by the target/recipient or bitten by their dog or otherwise injured, you agree to pay any medical bills that the target/recipient is unable to pay -
although you may subrogate (or sue) against the other party to recover your own losses).
You furthermore agree to hold us completely harmless unless we were to commit blatant fraud (which will never happen).

If, for whatever reason, this page is unavailable or altered without permission from CPS, it remains in full effect.
Call us if you have any concerns with what you see/read (or if your issue is not addressed on this page). Thank you.

As process servers, costs are incurred to us for advertisement, cell &/or telephone calls, staff, time (personal &/or otherwise), gas, wear-and-tear
on cars, affidavits, notaries and various other expenses. Due to this unique nature of professional services and expenses, you agree to pay us
the agreed upon price once it is agreed upon and at the time that it is agreed upon. No refunds.
$40 fee for failure to cancel within 24 hours of the requested serve date/time.

We are not set up to be a credit lending facility or collection agency.
Therefore, if you are late paying your invoice, you will be charged a $3.50/monthly minimum invoice fee AND removal of
any previously agreed upon discounts from our normal prices stated on
PLUS a monthly late fee of $30 or 2%, whichever is greater, on any balance remaining owed on the 1st of the following month.
NSF charge of $35 per payment that you make to us that is returned for Non-Sufficient Funds or other reason.
You agree that we may obtain "Judgment by Confession" against you which may possibly allow us to promptly collect via ex-parte judgment.
You also agree to pay all legal fees (attorneys, courts, costs, etc.) and costs of collection, location (skip trace) and etc if you fail to pay your bill in full and on time.
Furthermore, should a dispute arise, you agree to the physical jurisdiction in Frisco, Texas (Collin County)
to arbitrate or have the case heard by a Justice of the Peace at the discretion of CPS.
In addition, we reserve the right to promptly sue or turn your account over to a collection agency for
failure to pay, although we generally wait 90-120 days before doing so.
Depending upon the amount that you owe, we may take your account to small claims court or a civil court of law fairly quickly.

We are not responsible for failures or neglect by internet service providers including but not limited to yours, ours, or cognitoforms.

If you contact us or enter onto any page on this site without any intent to retain us or otherwise hire us to do legitimate work for you,
we ask that you leave immediately and never attempt to return. Otherwise you may be civilly and/or criminally liable for offenses including, but not limited to,
(digital) trespass (to chattel, etc)., and you may be sued for reimbursement for damages (actual and punitive) caused: (i.e. Costs that we incur due to a person (or
computer acting on behalf of a person) acting maliciously in an effort to cost us in advertising expenses, hosting, bandwidth, etc).

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Prices and T&C subject to change without notice. Thank you.

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